Petroluem Services
Petroleum services in all Egyptian ports:
  • Importation / exportation for the supply boat to work in the territorial water.
  • Custom importation / exportation for the petroleum equipment in Egypt.
  • Issuance group 26 for foreign crew to work in the territorial water.
  • Issue the coast guard permission for the Egyptian & foreign crew.
  • Transportation for equipments, rigs ( low bed , trailer , telescopic trailer ,trucks , forklift cranes).
  • Transportation for crew (Limousine Car, Microbus, Minibus, Bus).
  • Hotel accommodation.
  • Reserve storage area for petroleum equipments.
  • Supplying the rigs with all kind of (Stores, deck stores, Provision, Fresh water, Bunker).
  • Technician Labors , Electricians, Welders .
  • Renewal of the rig's certificates
  • Garbage disposal with certificate.
  • Discharging of sludge / slops